Some people are getting tens of thousands of website visitors from social media.

How do they do it? Voodoo magic? Blackmail? Divine intervention?

No, no, and no. That site traffic comes from having a lot of highly-engaged social media followers.

But if you’ve tried getting followers before, you understand that sometimes it’s like pulling teeth. You spend hours and hours trying to get people to click “like”, and plaster it everywhere on your site. And yet no one does.

Don’t worry. This post will teach you the best ways to get more social media followers – today.

Let’s get started.

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5 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers

1. Join social media groups

Joining social media groups around your niche is one of the best ways to get more social media followers. As an added bonus, you’ll also get more traffic to your site, meet your industry influencers, learn more about your target reader, and make some friends.

They’re easy enough to find and join, and every niche has at least one active group. Personally, I like Facebook groups over any other social profile, as they tend to be the most active.

To find a group, just search for a keyword around your niche. For example, you might search “Hiking” if you’re a hiking blog.

Join a few that look promising. But do NOT immediately start posting your content. You need to build a relationship with the people there first until they trust you enough not to spam their group.

Some things you can do in the meantime:

  • Comment on other people’s posts with thoughtful/helpful/insightful advice
  • Share other people’s content in the group (especially the group owner’s content)
  • Add posts with your thoughts, helpful advice, funny memes, or motivational quotes

Once you’ve built up trust, then you can post your blog content and/or your social media channels.

2. Tag your followers and the influencers in your niche

Why do people follow you?

Honestly, most people aren’t following you for your content. At least not on social media. Instead, they’re following you to learn, to be inspired, or to be social. They want to connect with you and your personal brand on another level.

The best way to help them do that?

Engage with them! Share cool or funny things and tag your followers who you think might like it. Share influential people’s content and tag them to let them know you’re in the same niche – you want to start building relationships as soon as possible. You can leverage those relationships – both with your followers and influencers – to get more followers and traffic to your blog.

If you’re not sure who the influencers in your niche are, you can use this tool to identify your influencers and easily connect with them. You can also search for “keyword + influencers” on Google, or just look for people with a lot of engagement on Twitter or Facebook.

Once you find them, head over to their blog and share one of their posts. Be sure to tag them in it and add some really insightful thoughts or key takeaways to show that you read it.

3. Throw a contest

Contests are one of the best ways to get a lot of followers really fast. Just keep in mind, however, that these people may not be highly engaged with you after the contest is over – many of them only followed your profiles to get the reward and don’t want to keep in touch.

That said, if you do the contest the right way and give away a highly relevant prize, the results can be better. For example, if your blog is all about hiking, you could give away an awesome pair of hiking boots or a backpack or something. That way you’re attracting the right crowd.

Check out this guide to learn more about throwing an awesome contest.

4. Give away your knowledge

Another reason people follow other people, brands and companies is because they get things in return.

Some people give away discounts, others run frequent contests, and others give away their products. For your blog, however, there’s one thing that works way better than any of these strategies:

Giving away your knowledge.

As a blogger, you’re already giving away the things you know for free, so you have a leg up. Now you just need to do it on social media without seeming pushy. How do you do that?

Start writing “mini blog posts” on your social media profile. Facebook lets you write looooong posts – so write longer posts! Take the key points from your latest article, and give them away on Facebook as a standalone post.

You can also do this by shooting videos. Videos get much higher social media engagement than any other type of post.

By constantly giving away everything you know, you’ll attract people to your profiles through word of mouth.

5. Stay consistent

The last tip I have for you is to stay consistent. Consistency is the surest way to getting more social media followers in the long run.

If you put a lot of effort into it one month, then don’t post at all for another month, people won’t follow you. Consistency in your posting schedule helps people know what to expect when, and builds trust with your audience.

Consistency also helps you increase your social media engagement. As you get engagement, more people will engage, and it snowballs.

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Watch Your Social Following Grow With These Tips

If you want to get more social media followers, you need one thing:

An understanding of why people follow you.

If they’re following you to learn about your brand, show them more behind the scenes content to attract more followers. If they’re following you to get updates on your blog posts, make sure you send out updates every week.

You get the idea. Increasing your follower count with engaged followers is a matter of caring about your followers, consistency, and understanding what they want.

Not sure why they’re following you? Ask them!

Message a few of your followers and ask why they decided to follow you and what you can post that will help them out. This method isn’t scalable or quick, but the information you get from it will prove priceless to you. It will guide your social media strategy for years to come.

This post was first published in 2017 but it was updated in 2022 just for you

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