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(Recommended). Save the time, hassle and delays – we’ll publish each post on your WordPress site including: final grammar check, unique featured image and bonus SEO settings. $19/post.

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Bill Quinn
Business coach

Our analytics prove that traffic has increased from our repurposed posts and we always get comments about how people enjoy them!

Jess Pettit
Speaker, Author

BlogWorks breathes life into ideas I had already written, and gets the internet gerbils to point people to my site. It’s spider magic and it works!

Will Akers
Two Roads Bookkeeping

BlogWorks has been a huge help in creating content – both niche and evergreen – to educate our web visitors and social media audience.


Do you write for my industry?

Great question! We write for over 20 industries, including financial planners, professional speakers, lawyers, medical professionals, dating/relationships, speaker bureaus, and more! As we welcome new clients we often also welcome new writers to our team. In other words, we are 99.99% sure we can help you!

Do I have to write a blog?

No, we do all the writing. If you have specific skills, solutions, or lists you want to be included it would be best for us to work from a draft article. We will cover all your options on our consultation call.

Who are your writers? Where do they live?

We hire locally. BlogWorks is based in Kelowna in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. All our writers are Canadian and most live in the Kelowna area. Our wonderful team of writers is carefully chosen for their experience, writing versatility, and because they cry at the movies.

Can I get revisions on my articles?

Yes! If you are not happy with your article we want to know! Let us know what you have spotted and we will coach the writer who is assigned to your work. Because we try to always have the same writer working on your blog, your feedback is helpful for improving future articles.  

Will your articles sound like me?

When you join BlogWorks we ask lots of questions, like who is your target audience, what are your business goals, which products/services you want to be promoted, and what are trends in your industry. Of course, we can’t write exactly like you, but we can certainly match your writing style, including our power-SEO strategies and deliver a finished product on time and with zero hassle. That we will always do!

How will I know my investment is working?

The best measures of your success from content marketing are list growth, traffic growth, and more inquiries/sales. Your blog should be a central part of a complete sales funnel. To learn more about developing your sales funnel contact us. We are always happy to share what we have learned to help you be more successful.

What if I have specific solutions I want to be included?

Great question! Many of our clients are medical or financial experts who want to include very specific solutions in their blogs. In these cases, we will work from your 200-400 word draft article.

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