5 Tips to Increase Engagement with Your Social Followers

5 Tips to Increase Engagement With Your Social Followers

You know what sucks?

Spending hours on social media trying to get people to engage with you… only to hear crickets.

Social media is easily one of the best distribution channels for your site. But if you treat it as nothing more than a distribution channel, you’ll be left wanting more.

But it’s possible to increase engagement! We’ve seen posts go viral – and have figured out a few of the common denominators causing that virality.

The common denominators causing increased social media engagement are the following 5 tips we’re about to share with you!

5 Tips to Increase Engagement on Social Media

I’ll quickly outline the tips to increase engagement, then we’ll dive into explaining them. The 5 tips are:

  1. Tag influencers and followers in your posts.
  2. Share other people’s stuff (and tag them).
  3. Build relationships with social media communities.
  4. Show a little personality.
  5. Stand for a cause bigger than yourself.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Tag influencers and followers in your posts

Increase social engagement using tags

The ability to tag others in your updates is a God-send in social media marketing. Any time you tag someone, it sends them a notification letting them know they were tagged – which increases the chances they’ll see it (obviously).

If they see it, chances are pretty good they’ll like it. And they may even share it, further increasing its reach. They may also comment. And make no mistake – likes and comments matter just as shares do.

That’s because Facebook’s algorithm is set up to show your posts to more people based on the engagement it gets. So the more likes it gets, the more people will see it, the more likes and shares it gets – and thus, virality.

If you need help finding influencers, use a tool like influence.co, BuzzSumo, or FollowerWonk. (We also offer assistance with your social media scheduling, so feel free to get in touch with us!)

2. Share other people’s stuff (and tag them)

Just because you want traffic to your website, doesn’t mean you should only be sharing things that benefit you.

In fact, many of your posts should send traffic to other people. This is an excellent way to build relationships with key industry influencers and authorities.

For example, on my travel blog’s Facebook page, I built a relationship with other travel bloggers by sharing their posts and tagging them whenever I shared it. I’ve used this tactic to become friends with them, and we collaborate on projects together now, resulting in more traffic for both of us.

Tagging influencers to boost engagement

Some ideas of things you can share include:

  • Other blogger’s posts
  • News articles around your industry
  • Other people’s courses, services, or products

3. Build relationships with social media communities

Social media communities – like Facebook or LinkedIn groups – are one of the best ways to drive traffic and increase engagement to your own accounts.

However, you also have to be tactful when doing it! Simply jumping into someone else’s group and dropping your links as soon as you get in is a surefire way to be kicked out. And you should be careful with that since there are only so many contacts in any niche.

If you need help finding groups to join, check out Seth Price’s guide to private social media groups for personal branding.

4. Show a little personality

Social media isn’t a corporate board room or a place for all serious, all-the-time interaction. It’s a place people go to be social! To chat with their friends, have fun, and see what cool and interesting things are happening.

It sounds so simple, but so few businesses get this right. They continually push out update after update about their products or offerings. People want more than that – they care about connecting. So connect!

How do you connect on social media in order to increase engagement? Here are some ideas:

  • Share pictures of your office, behind the scenes. Or a night out with the employees on a “team building exercise”. Then share the post and tag them in it.
  • If you don’t have an office or employees, share a picture of you at the coffee shop on your laptop cranking away, or on your couch in your pajamas being a true solopreneur. Tag some of your favorite followers and ask what they’re doing on this fine Saturday.
  • Ask your community more questions that you care about. See what their favorite movie or past time is. Use that information to build a connection by sharing a funny or helpful video with them about their favorite topic.
  • Get on the phone with some of your followers and ask them what their interests are. Everyone is afraid to get on the phone, yet it’s one of the best ways to learn about your ideal customers and see what they care about.

Of course, not all of your posts should be super personal or fun. But maybe one in five can be that way. Experiment with it and see what works. In the end, people just want some human connection.

5. Stand for a cause bigger than yourself

I saved the best tip for last here. By far one of the best and quickest ways to increase engagement with your social followers is by connecting with them on a shared cause.

I’ll give you an example. Going back to my travel blog, I’ve taken up a cause: Helping people to embrace full-time travel, make an income for the road, and live life to the fullest. By connecting with other full-time travelers and sharing that cause with them, I was able to get TONS of social engagement. As you saw, one of my posts got over 66 shares, 40 likes, and 10 comments. It reached over 13,000 people.

So what cause can you stand for? It can be a charity or something you make up entirely on your own.

Some examples:

  • ConvertKit‘s cause is to teach everything they know and make it easier for people to build an engaged audience using email.
  • Love Your Melon is a hat store that gives 50% of their profit to improve the lives of kids with pediatric cancer.
  • tentree is a clothing store named after their cause – they plant 10 trees on every purchase to help the Earth.

Sharing your mission to increase engagement

It doesn’t have to be some massive goal to save the Earth. It just has to be a good cause people can stand behind. With that, engagement will come naturally.

Some parting words

Increasing engagement isn’t rocket science. It’s just a matter of caring about your audience, being more social by sharing a cause and tagging others, and by being engaged yourself.

The five tips in this article stand as a base for every social interaction you do. There are a million and one tactics to get better at social – posting X times per day about Y topic, following X people every day, etc. – but at the core, what really matters is the person behind the tactics.

Show a little personality, engage with your industry’s community, and become a valuable (and transparent) member of the groups around your topic.

If you found this post, please share it so we can help social media become a better place for everyone – that’s our shared cause! And as always, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or tips of your own.

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