Your blog is valuable and you’ve worked hard to publish great information that carefully targets your prime markets.

The challenge is to build blog traffic – you need more readers.

You can hire a VA in the Philippines or India – but now you have the job of recruiting, training and managing someone new. You can try to promote your blog yourself – but that takes a lot of time and it can be confusing. If you’re feeling really brave you can try advertising to build blog traffic – but that can be an expensive experiment that doesn’t get any results. That’s where I was at. I knew my blog was good – sure I could always spend more time on it, but I worked hard on content my market liked and wanted to read. So I tried all of the solutions I listed above. I spend months and months experimenting with outsourcing, advertising, promotions and talking to “experts.”

Maybe you’ve done the same?

Finally, I realized there was a simple solution waiting for me – all I needed to do was create the system that would allow me to use this solution at a low cost.

Using social media to build blog traffic

Here’s how it works

When you promote your latest blog article to your followers on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, a percentage of them will come to your site to read the full article. So far, so good. But, there’s one more part to the solution. Your followers will also promote your blog to their followers. Now you’re getting the leverage of your followers getting you access to their followers.  

That’s The BlogWorks Solution

The BlogWorks solution was designed for bloggers who want a simple, done-for-you solution, customized to their needs that runs 24/7. Oh, and one more thing: They also want an inexpensive solution.

The SOS solution

The secret to the BlogWorks Solution is we use your blog to create your social media

It’s your best thoughts, ideas and solutions turned into daily updates your followers want to read. With BlogWorks, we take care of your social media and build blog traffic to get you more readers and more prospects. For the price of a coffee, we turn your blog into attention-grabbing social media posts daily on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + and 4 times a day on Twitter.

Why our clients love BlogWorks: Zero hassle, guaranteed delivery, great price and amazing results.

  • No constantly feed updates to complicated scheduling software,
  • No need to hire and train a VA (and then worry about results),
  • No need to worry about keeping up with social media,
  • And you don’t have to promote your blog – we do that!
BlogWorks is now being used by speakers and speakers bureaus in 4 countries and we have a team of 9 (all here in Canada). In fact, I use BlogWorks to promote my speaker’s blog. And my monthly traffic went from 1,500 to 10,000 – all from BlogWorks.