Sometimes a good thing just takes a bit longer – like this blog. We’ve know for some time that we need a blog on the BlogWorks site. Every day we are getting asked questions about blogging, SEO, content creation and more. With the blog we’ll be able to share best practices and, of course, let you know about updates with the BlogWorks service. Here’s a quick run down of what’s available to you.

What is BlogWorks?

BlogWorks uses your blog to create daily social media posts to get your blog noticed and save you time. We started to develop it in 2014 and now have clients in 3 countries. Imagine having a trained assistant who promotes you daily – that’s BlogWorks. Your BlogWorks Editor (all live in North America) learns about you, your market and solutions you provide. Every week they read your blog and create and schedule attention-grabbing social media posts. We also blend in curated articles from high traffic sites (you supply the list). Imagine having a trained assistant who promotes you daily - that's BlogWorks! Click To Tweet

How to get started?

If you blog regularly (at least 2X/month) you might qualify for BlogWorks.  It’s simpler than you might think to get posting on social media working better and off your hands .

The BlogWorks blog

The BlogWorks blog is going to be full of advice on blogging, social media, SEO and making your blog work better for your business. And it’s a work in progress – so if you have ideas for future posts, please let us know! You can email your ideas to us. Please share these posts and let other people know what you’ve learnt here. The more traffic we can get to this blog the more excited we’ll be to create great content for you, so you can build traffic to your blog.