How to tune up your blog

10 tips that Really Work

Picture of webcam used for video content

How to Leverage Video Content on Your Blog for SEO

Unless you’ve spent the past few years under a rock, you’ve come across advice to integrate video content into your blogging efforts. Heck, Hugh and…

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Make your blog sexy and get better results

10 surprisingly simple tune-ups to make your blog sexy (and get more blog traffic)

We all want more blog traffic. Way back, when Tyrannosaurs roamed the earth, blogs were personal journals for reflection and maybe for close friends to…

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Notebook with notes about building a mailing list

5 questions to ask before building your first mailing list

“Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI.”  Karl Murray, Founder…

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Busy street symbolizing an increase in blog traffic

How to increase blog traffic by almost 30% in only 90 days – a case study

At BlogWorks we love to see results. Especially when the results are fast. And we really, really love seeing client results when we’re using one…

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Write blog posts faster and better

Tips on writing a blog post faster and better

It can be a grind to write a blog. You have to come up with clever ideas. Find the time…write a draft…edit…add images… Here’s what…

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A typewriter with a page that reads "Words Have Power";

21 incorrectly used words that can make you look dumb

Many of the words you use in your blog could be, well… wrong. Should you use advice or advise? How about affect or effect? Then…

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