There are many different article types that you can post on your blog that can help generate traffic, improve your brand awareness, and establish your credibility. 

Using articles specifically created to drive more traffic to your website and improve your SEO can improve your brand awareness and set yourself apart from your competitors.

So, what types of blog posts should you use to drive more traffic to your website?

Read on to find out.

3 Article Types You Should Be Using

The articles you post on your blog should be informative and helpful to the people visiting your website. The posts should provide information about your products or services and provide value to readers.

With the right type of content, you can build your reputation, trust, and credibility. Here are three article types you should use on your blog.

1. Anchor/Pillar Post

An anchor/pillar post represents a central topic that a website wants to rank for. Each anchor/pillar post covers one specific topic without going in-depth. 

A pillar page has subpages, also called topic clusters, that revolve around a particular topic. The pillar page links to the topic clusters, which helps organize your content and improve your SEO.

For example, a pillar post can be about digital marketing, while cluster content related to the pillar post could be about search engine optimization or other different types of digital marketing.

These clusters branch out from the pillar post to more specific, in-depth topics, which you can link to from the pillar post.

Anchor/pillar posts should be broad enough so that you can create multiple other content pages based on topics related to the pillar post. These posts are crucial in your SEO strategy because they help establish you as a thought leader, organize your content, and allow you to rank for niche-specific keywords.

2. Answer Post

One of the best ways to drive quality traffic to your website and show off your knowledge is through an answer post. These posts include questions related to your niche that people commonly search on Google. They are highly beneficial to your SEO.

An answer post answers a single question related to a specific subject. It can also come in the form of a question-and-answer post, which has multiple questions and answers to specific questions.

You should form questions in an answer post with keywords. The answers should also contain keywords while providing valuable answers, knowledge, and information about the question.

An answer post is a great way to provide keyword-rich information about a topic. It helps generate interest, engage your audience, and build trust and credibility.

When crafting your answer, be clear and concise. You can also add more paragraphs to the post that offer readers more information about the topic. You can also use these posts to link to a cluster topic that provides more information.

If the answer to a question is a simple yes or no, use it as an opportunity to expand and go more in-depth to show off your knowledge in that particular area or topic. 

3. Staple Post

A staple post is similar to an answer post but typically contains more information. 

A staple post goes more in-depth about a specific topic. They are typically longer and can come in many different forms, including product reviews, lists, tips, how-to’s, etc.

Take Advantage of Different Article Types to Improve Traffic

Remember: there are many different ways that your website can rank. Using different articles and blog posts can improve your SEO efforts and drive more high-quality traffic to your website. 

It is critical to have multiple posts on your website that provide valuable information, contain keywords, improve your credibility, and enhance your search engine optimization efforts. Use the above three article types today to start seeing results.

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