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In Praise of Hard Work

This post was originally published on It wasn’t long ago that factory work, coal mines, lumber and fishing employed more than half our workers….

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The GetSOS team

Why I started BlogWorks and the future of the world

In this blog, we’ve written lots about blogging (ironic). Everything from topics to headlines to analytics – even hiring writers. And we have a long…

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3 Reasons to Measure Your Blog’s Success (And How)

Do you know why video games are so addicting? Because they set clear goals, and always tell you whether you’re moving towards them or not….

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21 Traffic building Tips

21 Traffic Building Tips from Professional Bloggers

If you have a blog you know how important traffic is. More traffic means more people buying your products, joining your list and more sales…

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How the experts create world-class PowerPoint Slides (and you can too)

 This post was originally published on We’ve all been there. We were looking forward to the presentation – it could have been a webinar,…

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It’s time to put your blog to work

Is your blog working? For 4 years I’ve been coaching bloggers and I have terrible news… most blogs don’t work. No traffic, no leads, no…

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