How to tune up your blog

10 tips that Really Work

It’s time to put your blog to work

Is your blog working? For 4 years I’ve been coaching bloggers and I have terrible news… most blogs don’t work. No traffic, no leads, no…

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9 Tools For Assessing A Website’s True Value

Having an online presence is a must in today’s digital culture.  Most successful businesses invest a great deal of time, money and effort in their…

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Social Media Hashtags

How to Use Hashtags to Get 15% More Shares

Before you hover over the “Publish” button after completing a blog post, ask yourself: “Did I target the right keywords? Did I correct my grammatical…

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blog traffic

17 proven strategies for building a better blog

In this post we are sharing one of our most popular slide decks published on SlideShare. It’s advice from the gurus that is not only…

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Blogs work. Try these strategies.

Blogs Work – 5 simple ways to bring in more business with your blog

Blogs work.  But many bloggers are frustrated, trying to get more traffic and better results, but not knowing what they need to change. Maybe that…

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Social Media analytics pt. 2: LinkedIn and Google+

How to Use Your Social Media Analytics: LinkedIn & Google+

Wondering how to use your social media analytics? In our last post, we covered how to use Facebook and Twitter’s analytics dashboards – as well…

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