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We take the worry and hassle of social media off your hands and convert more readers into followers.

Our team of local writers use the best of your blog content to write and post daily announcements on social media.

Get daily updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that promote your blog and drive traffic to your site.

Each update is thoughtfully crafted, double-checked and scheduled for maximum exposure.

Your blog is promoted, social media is done and you can focus on what you do best.

An incredibly valuable service for the busy entrepreneur who needs a social media presence.


Lauren Sergey

Up Front Communications


Your best content is…

Your BlogWorks writer uses blog content to write original social updates.

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posted on social media…

Daily updates on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn attract new readers, followers, and prospects.

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to attract more business!

Social media is done, business is promoted and you are free to do what you do best!

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How to get started.

You’ve got a lot of questions and so do we! Let’s get on a call so we can learn about your plans and see if BlogWorks can help get you there.

To get started, tell us more about your blog and goals.

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What industries do you write for? Expand Great question! As we welcome new clients we will often also welcome new writers to our team. In other words, we are 99.99% sure we can help you!
These are industries we are writing for: authors
career planning
culinary skills
cyber security
farming consultant
financial planning
food safety
golfing industry
investment advisors
IT consulting
management training
online courses
property development
public speakers
speaker bureaus  Do you outsource to cheap overseas labour? Expand

Nope – we hire locally. Our writers are carefully chosen for their experience, writing versatility and because they cry at the movies.

Why are your prices so low? Expand

Oh, you noticed! We love building super efficient systems that get the job done without compromising quality. Plus, we want to be your blog partner for a long time.

I have a book – can you turn that into blog posts? Expand

Actually that’s one of our secrets sauces! We start by designing a calendar of posts from your chapters and a publishing schedule. Once approved, we deliver publish-ready articles.

Where do you find the topics to write about? Expand

We work with you to develop an Editorial Calendar of blog topics based on our unique keyword analysis (which includes a bit of sneaky competitor sleuthing.)

How long is my commitment? Expand There are no contracts, but both you and our team are making an investment in the onboarding process. We suggest you commit to the BlogWorks system for at least 3 months and then assess the results.
We’re confident you’re going to love the BlogWorks system and the results for your business. What if I only want social media done? Expand

No problem! We will use your published blog posts to write, schedule and deliver attention-grabbing daily social posts.

Can you publish my finished articles? Expand

Our secret sauce is researching and writing amazing content your target market is hungry for. We leave final changes, adding images, publishing and emailing your list to your team.

What can I expect for results? Expand

Great question! Truthfully, we don’t know (although most clients see their site traffic steadily increasing within 60 days.) There are dozens of variables that affect business success from your blog. What we can guarantee is you will save up to 12 hours/month, have zero hassle and your blog will start working to bring you business.

Can you promote my new book or event on social media? Expand

Sorry, but our super efficient writing system keeps your cost down, but doesn’t allow for last minute changes or promoting time-sensitive campaigns (book launch, webinars, events, etc.).