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At BlogWorks we believe running a successful small business is hard enough without having to also master content marketing. We relieve the never-ending pain of content creation and promotion with “done for you” services to free you up for what you do best.

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“They made it simple to attract more business – it’s been a great partnership every step of the way.”
Julie Homsey

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The Content Dilemma

These days “content marketing” is an essential and accepted part of building your business online.

High-quality content, published regularly, increases your visibility, attracts website traffic, and keeps people on your site for longer. The result? More leads and customers.

But here’s the simple truth:

You don’t have time to become a one-person content factory.

And even if you’re a capable writer, you probably don’t understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization, social media promotion, blog analytics, etc.

Which leads us to a dilemma:

Content creation is too important to ignore, but you shouldn’t be doing it yourself.

The answer? Outsource it. (Just like you do other important areas of your business.)

How We Help

We solve the content dilemma for busy business owners by handling these three essential content marketing “pillars” on their behalf.

SEO-rich Blog Articles

We make it simple to publish and promote the SEO-rich articles your prospects are hungry to read. This is strategic content designed to attract the perfect audience, hold their attention, and motivate them to take action.

Every BlogWorks article is researched and written to attract more readers, keep them on your site longer, and move them to action. Use your blog to automatically grow your list, get inquiries, or sell your book, product, or online course.

Social Media Promotion

We promote your content with daily social media updates that build awareness of your brand and attract more traffic to your site. We create and schedule multiple social updates across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

A dedicated BlogWorks writer crafts enticing highlights from your latest content to entice social followers back to your site. You stay top-of-mind, attract prospects, and you get your time back.

List-Building Lead Magnets

We’ll create an effective “lead magnet” (long-form article) that showcases your expertise, builds desire, and moves a prospect to action. It’s the perfect addition to your sales process.

Lead magnets carefully researched and crafted by BlogWorks have attracted thousands of prospects for our clients. You can use yours to grow your email list, attract prospects, and as a follow-up to sales calls.

Your Blog Works
“Blogworks are building my audience organically, without resorting to gimmicks or buying eyeballs. That’s worth gold to me.”
Marc Stoiber Market

“So glad you are doing this for me! So much to do, so little time. Thank you for being there for me and all that you do to support me in my business.”
Betty-Anne Howard

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Since 2013 we’ve been helping small businesses grow and promote their blog the old fashioned way – with a dedicated team of local professionals.

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