How to Stop Procrastinating and take Charge of your Business during COVID

A special conversation with Hugh Culver, Founder, BlogWorks.


Thursday, October 8th

1:00 PT, 3:00 CT, 4:00 ET

This call will be recorded, but you have to register to get the recording.


You have a business.

But, who’s in charge?

If you have a business it’s easy to get busy. You know – scheduling, delegating, following up, paying bills, writing content…

…all that stuff a business needs.

Maybe it’s time to get organized and take charge of your business.

Like improving systems, outsourcing, planning, and booking time off.

You are invited to a special conversation with serial entrepreneur Hugh Culver. But, this is not about DOING more stuff!

Instead, Hugh will be sharing insights and strategies that attract more business and free up more time.

Don’t you deserve all that?

Here’s what you’ll discover:

>> Why COVID could be a business opportunity, if you take it.

>> 4 critical areas of business growth that often get ignored.

>> Why you might need to work less, but smarter.

This seminar is perfect for:

>> Keynote speakers, consultants, coaches, corporate trainers

>> Medical professionals

>> Financial planners

>> Lawyers, Accountants, Realtors

>> Marketing agencies

Meet your instructor, Hugh Culver

When Hugh started writing his blog nobody read it. When he finally learned how to attract more readers he didn’t get the sales he expected. Once he understood the power of using his blog as a sales funnel everything changed. Today, Hugh’s blog is read by over 500,000 people and attracts new customers every day. Now Hugh’s company, BlogWorks helps service professionals (keynote speakers, financial planners, medical clinicians, lawyers, relationship experts) use their blog to attract more of the right customers. BlogWorks is a team of local writers who write original blog posts, update and republish old posts and promote their client’s blogs on social media.


“I really enjoyed getting to see the ‘behind the scenes’ technical tips” M. Kennedy
“I’m new to blogging and this gives me a perfect starting point.” M. Jones
“The whole webinar was excellent – such great sources and ideas!” J. Hagerman
“Thanks so much Hugh. Amazing value as always on your webinars!” M. Kruger.
“So glad you are doing this for me! So much to do, so little time. Thank you for being there for me and all that you do to support me in my business.” Betty Anne Howard, financial planner.
“BlogWorks has given me 5-10 hours per week back to focus on the things I love doing.” Kyle Benson, relationship coach