twitter's new rules

Twitter’s new rules are good news (if you’re using BlogWorks)

There’s something brewing in the world of Twitter you should know about.

News spoiler: if you’re using BlogWorks, you have nothing to worry about.

Twitter’s New Rules

Twitter has updated their Terms Of Service (TOS). Their motivation is to stop people spamming their services. And we applaud that.

“You may not post duplicative or substantially similar Tweets on one account or over multiple accounts you operate.”

It’s possible that we’re are going to start to see more and more pushback from the big dogs at Facebook and Instagram about posting duplicate content too.

The new Twitter rules have implications for anyone that promotes their blog or services.

The challenge is that posts on Twitter can disappear faster than you can say “where did my tweet go?” In fact, 9100 tweets are sent every second. So if your content is going to be seen on Twitter you need to actively repost your Tweets.

Enter scheduling software.

In the last 5 years we’ve seen a mini explosion of free and for-fee social media scheduling tools. It started with the granddaddy of posting tools, Hootsuite to now include Buffer, Sprout Social, meetEdgar, Coschedule, PostPlanner, SEMRush and SmarterQueue.

Many of these tools promote users reposting the same content. Their promises include:

“Create a predefined social sharing plan to reuse again and again…” (CoSchedule)

“Automatically recycle popular posts.” (PostPlanner)

“Automatically recycle your Evergreen content so it’s seen by more people…” (SmarterQueue)

“Edgar recycles your updates over time, so they NEVER go to waste.” (meetEdgar)

And while we totally agree with the strategy of recycling high performing posts, we don’t agree with set-and-forget strategies on social media.

Here’s the good news.

BlogWorks was designed to always use real people doing real thinking to get you real results. Every update we send to your social media accounts was written or edited by the writer assigned to your account.

We also constantly review your highest performing updates on Twitter and Facebook and put them to work again. But we don’t just do a copy/paste and repost. We first review performance results, select top performers and then update the content before scheduling the post.

We’ve been told that we should be charging 4X what we charge. And maybe we will one day.

But, for now, BlogWorks is still at the ridiculously low price of $197/month.

Twitter’s new rules are bad news for many of the software scheduling tools. You can still repeat posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, but it’s going to be a whole lot more work to use them for Twitter.

One more reason to let us take care of promoting your blog, while you do the work you love.

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