The increase in publishing schedule increased our traffic

Original Blog Articles

Imagine your blog automatically working 24/7 to attract more business – it is possible with our original blog article publishing system.

We deliver perfectly crafted articles, infused with SEO power and strategic invitations bringing traffic to your business pages.

Hours of frustration and work have disappeared while your fresh, SEO-friendly articles are busy attracting new readers hungry for your products and services.

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Here’s how it works:

  • first, we build an inbound blog strategy based on your target market, competition and goals
  • next, we consult with you on blog topics, based on current site traffic patterns, that will attract more of your target market
  • we set your publishing schedule based on best time of day and day of week
  • our unique competitor SEO keyword research captures the most popular keywords you can use in your blog articles
  • we assign your project to one of our local writers and brief her on your client profile, target personas, do’s and don’ts and any other details that will help make our work perfect
  • at the end of every article we include 3 suggested articles to increase time on site
  • finally, your finished article is published (extra charge) with full SEO setting including: tags, categories, Title tag, Meta description and attribution-free photo selection, resizing and tagging

For example your publishing schedule could be: every second Monday at 8:00 AM ET we publish a completed article on your site, ready for promotion by email and social media.

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