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Smart promotion of your blog on social media.

We take the worry and hassle of social media off your hands and convert more readers into followers.

We know you are too busy to be constantly updating your social media channels or fussing with complicated scheduling tools. That’s where BlogWorks can save you time and money. Imagine Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter being automatically updated with attention-grabbing updates, attracting more traffic to your blog posts. Each update is designed to pull traffic to your latest article and to top-performing posts. Best of all, a dedicated, local BlogWorks writer is updating and monitoring your accounts every week. Choose between Lite and Pro levels of promotion.

BlogWorks Lite social media promotion:

The perfect “maintenance” for social activities. You add personal or special announcements when you have time:

  • 3 updates/week to Facebook and LinkedIn
  • 2 updates to Twitter/day

BlogWorks Pro social media promotion:

This advanced option is for professionals wanting to increase their posting frequency and grow their social media followers:

  • daily updates to Facebook and LinkedIn
  • 4 updates to Twitter/day
  • your social updates include curated content from top-ranking sites

Both account options include:

  • BlogWorks professional writer dedicated to your account
  • All updates posted directly to your Social Media accounts
  • Updates double-checked for grammar, image, and punctuation
  • Trending Hashtag updates
  • Best time-of-day posting analysis and scheduling
  • Promotion of your most popular content with our Best-Of Algorithm
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