The Problem With Social Media Scheduling Software

The Problem With Scheduling Software

Are you currently using a scheduling software like Buffer, HootSuite, CoSchedule, or Edgar?

Social media scheduling software are amazing tools…

…with a fatal flaw.

If you don’t understand the cons of using automation tools, you’re really hurting your business (and losing out on traffic and potential clients).

What is that fatal flaw? Keep reading to find out.

Pros of Scheduling Software:

Before we bash social scheduling, we want to give it the credit it deserves. Scheduling software isn’t all bad. Lots of people use it, and understandably so.

Scheduling software can do some great things, like:

Easy post automation – Scheduling software just makes automating your posts so easy. You type your post, hit schedule, and you’re good to go.

Posting time optimization – Not sure when to share your content? Just optimize it using a scheduling tool. They’ll automatically post your stuff when it’s sure to get the most engagement.

Post while you’re not at your computer – Of course, this is a no-brainer – you can keep your social profiles active even when you’re not around!

Cons of Scheduling Software:

But, as I said, there are some serious problems with relying on social media scheduling tools:

Nothing happens until you do the work – Sure it’s wonderful that automation software will post updates, but first you have to create the content. In our world, your blog comes first (read this post to learn how to use a template). But then you still have to create the social media updates to feed the software – that’s where many people quit.

It’s easy to sound robotic – Because it’s so easy to share your posts, it can also be easy to sound robotic, which makes it obvious to your followers you’re using a scheduling tool.

Automation makes it easy to pump out content for content’s sake – Sure, you can share as much as you want. However, simply pushing out your content over and over will make you look inauthentic, which means consumers won’t trust you.

Software could cause you to forget to actually check your social profiles – Truly a “set it and forget it” issue, scheduling takes the “social” out of social media. Even if you’re scheduling posts, you still need to take the time to engage with your followers!

Automation can also lead to poorly timed tweets – Don’t let that be you. Just because you’re scheduling posts, you should still keep an eye on them in case of an untimely news happening.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, social media scheduling software solves some serious needs in the business world. Automation tools save us time, which we can use to focus on the thing we do best: running our business.

However, scheduling tools still don’t take the work out of social media management.

For a truly turnkey solution, BlogWorks can take care of the scheduling for you AND keep you from sounding robotic, posting untimely tweets, or having to worry about what to say on each platform.

Click here now to find out how BlogWorks can help you manage your business’s social media. We promote your blog, so you don’t have to.


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