Are you struggling to figure out what blog post types will keep readers coming back to your website? Worried about your blog content seeming boring, or not getting any engagement? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. It gets tough to keep up with writing top-notch blog posts regularly.

Creating a blog that consistently captivates readers is no easy feat. With an abundance of information available online, standing out requires not just quality writing, but also a unique angle or approach. 

Here are six of the most popular types of blog posts you can use to improve blog performance and keep your readers coming back.

1. How-To Blog Post Types

How-to posts are arguably the most popular blog post types for an important reason: they bring the most value to readers. Whether the post is teaching you how to crochet, bake a cake, or wax your car, it’s packed with valuable information that your reader may not be able to find elsewhere, or find all in one place. 

Pictures are another great source of information and will help your readers along the way. Make sure that you’re being as specific as possible when writing these posts. Your readers are looking to learn from these types of articles. They may even bookmark it to come back again.

Remember: “how to” blog posts empower readers to learn new skills or solve specific problems efficiently. They enhance reader engagement, boost traffic and SEO by targeting specific search queries, and help position you as authority in the niche. 

2. List Posts

Guess what? You’re reading a list post right now! 

List posts are great because they allow you to write as little or as much as you’d like, while easily breaking each section up. This makes list posts extremely easy to follow. The best part about list posts is that each section is different from the last. This is great for readers who find themselves getting bored very easily when reading the same thing over and over. These blog post types are able to hold the attention of your readers.

3. News Posts

This blog post type offers timely updates and insights on current events, keeping readers informed and engaged with relevant information. They enhance website credibility, attract regular visitors seeking up-to-date content, and improve SEO by incorporating trending topics and keywords. They are also a great way to start a discussion among readers.

If you have a decent following on your blog and want to keep your readers updated on what’s happening in your industry, a news post will do the job perfectly. While news posts are popular, you have to be on top of what’s going on. After all, no one wants to hear about yesterday’s news. 

4. Roundup Posts

A roundup post is a type of blog post that gathers and summarizes content from different sources on a specific topic. It typically includes links or excerpts from other articles, blog posts, or resources, providing readers with a comprehensive overview or compilation of information. 

Roundup post types are valuable for showcasing diverse perspectives, curating relevant content, and offering readers a one-stop destination for exploring a particular subject.

Roundup posts are great for not only your readers, but you, too! They give you a chance to become closer to bloggers, leverage other bloggers’ content, and allow you to create great content. It’s a win-win for all involved. 

5. Case Study Posts

Case study posts are incredibly beneficial to readers. This is because people want to know that they can relate to others. Meaning, if someone has a problem going on in their life and they hear that someone else went through the same problem, they’re more likely to listen to what the other person did or said. 

These blog post types are real life examples shown to the reader in a step-by-step process in a scientifically detailed way. They end in a conclusion which tells the reader what the results were of said case study. 

6. Personal and Lifestyle Blog Types

Personal blogs offer readers a glimpse into the lives, experiences, and perspectives of the blogger. From travel diaries to food reviews, from parenting anecdotes to fitness journeys, these blogs create a sense of connection and relatability with the audience. By sharing authentic stories and insights, bloggers can cultivate a loyal following of readers who resonate with their experiences and find inspiration in their narratives.

Knowing what to write about is one of the biggest struggles bloggers face. Hopefully, these types of blog posts helped spark new ideas. If you still don’t know what to write about, head over to our guide to blog topic idea generation

Do you have more ideas to add? Leave us a comment below!

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