How it works

Welcome to SOS – the easiest way to get more traffic to your blog.

SOS is a very unique service—we’re not a marketing agency, we don’t outsource to cheap overseas labour and we certainly are not automated software. We are team of 8 people living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley (1 hour north of Vancouver, BC) working hard to create great results for our clients.

This page will explain how SOS works, how to know if it could work for your business and a little about the results you can expect.

Why we created SOS

Your blog is a reason for people to come to your web site. If you own a restaurant you could share new recipes or how to pair wines with your meal. A health food store could use their blog to educate customers about products found in their store. A leadership speaker could share advice on being a more effective leader.

And if you have a blog you want more traffic. More traffic means more people see your products and services, join your list and it means more business.

We wanted to create a system that consistently generated more traffic by using your blog content. We call it broadcasting your blog.

Broadcasting your Blog

The secret sauce of the SOS solution is that we work from your blog. Sure, there’s loads of other ways to get more traffic, but it’s your blog people will come to your site for. And it’s the reason they will keep coming back.

This is how the broadcasting system works (there is a more detailed description below): we read your blog and share it on your social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+). Your followers read the post, click the link and come to your site. They can also like, share, retweet the post and get you more readers.

Your social media is done, you’re getting more traffic and, best of all, you don’t have to do anything.

Some of our client say SOS is like having a dedicated marketing person on their team.

Does it work?

There are lots of variables that impact the success of the SOS system, like the number of social media followers, frequency you post blogs, existing traffic and size of your market. In other words, results will vary. But, here is what we know you can expect:

Time Saved: our clients save anywhere from 5 to 10 hours a week on social media.

Increased Traffic: Even though some SOS clients average over 5% and as much as 15% monthly traffic increases, we can’t predict how much SOS will increase your web site traffic. Traffic growth is a process that takes time and consistency.

Free up resources: if you’ve been trying to promote your site or had someone on staff working on this part-time, SOS will free up those resources for other work.

Worry-free: SOS is designed to be a completely done-for-you service. You don’t have to send us content, check our work (all of our updates are double-checked before being posted), or worry that we saw your latest blog post. You publish the blog, we do the rest.

Do you Qualify?

The SOS service is designed for businesses who have a blog and are prepared for accelerated traffic growth. Here’s how to know if you qualify:

  1. you are publishing a blog at least twice a month and have at least 10 blog posts already published.
  2. you have at least 400 followers on at least two of: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

That’s it – if you meet those basic requirements we can help you. Our team can get started in as little as 72 hours to start generating your social media updates.

Joining SOS

When you join SOS we will take you through a very quick “onboarding” process designed to ensure we understand who your target market is, what sites we can curate articles from (more about this below) and to connect us to your social media accounts so we can post updates on your behalf. All of this information is kept confidential. Our onboarding experts will be available to guide you through this 20-30 minute process.

Once you are onboarded there is no need for you to send content (unless you are using the Pro+ account)—we pull all the content we need from your web site.

Talented SOS Editors

Once onboarded and we’ve received your payment, we will assign one of our talented SOS editors to your blog. All of our team have extensive backgrounds in social media, writing and editing content. They all live in Canada, English is their first language and they love to create great results for our clients.

The SOS Broadcast System

The SOS Broadcast Method is constantly being refined as we monitor the results we achieve for our clients. This is how it works:

We start by reading your blog posts to find key sentences that can be turned into a social media updates. In other words, we use your writing to create the updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. In fact, most of our clients can’t tell if we posted the update, or they did.

The blog posts we work from are: your latest post, more popular posts and past posts. This formula is designed to give the most attention to your latest post, but to also keep popular posts in “rotation”.

We typically check every Thursday for new blog posts.

Next, we search the web for “curated content” – articles from non-competing sources relevant for your target market. This is a lot of work, but part of our formula is to both promote you blog (to attract more traffic to your site) and to be “social” with our updates by sharing articles your target audience will enjoy reading. Again, we read these articles and turn them into social media updates.

All of our updates – from your blog and from curated content – are then double-checked (by a second editor) for grammar, spelling, hashtags and to ensures the correct image was pulled. They are then scheduled and published to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ channels.

Here’s what we don’t do

Let’s be clear – we’re not mindless, automated software and we’re also not a marketing agency. We have developed a very successful system that uses highly trained editors to broadcast your blog content – that’s it. If you have great content that people want, we will get you more traffic.

The reason we can keep our prices so low is because we are constantly refining our systems to be extremely efficient. That means you get a great service at a great low price.

Here’s what we don’t do:

  • consult on marketing, web design, social media or writing. We do provide excellent information in our blog and monthly newsletter.
  • event promotion (like your book launch, webinar, conference, public event, or product sales).
  • receive random content (like links to articles, copies of your book, etc.). We work from your blog and curated content we source out.
  • work from multiple sites – each SOS account is for one blog on one site.
  • promote to any other social media channels. At this time we only publish to Facebook (page), LinkedIn (personal or business page), Twitter and Google+.

How to get started

Getting started with SOS begins with a short phone call so we can answer your questions and collect the information we need to get started.