Are you looking for LinkedIn secrets that can help you generate leads, increase your brand awareness and improve your LinkedIn presence?

LinkedIn is a great tool to grow your business. It helps you build your online brand and network with other professionals while increasing your online visibility.

Many professionals and business owners use LinkedIn, but many of them use it incorrectly.

That’s why the experts at HyperSocial are here to fill you in on some LinkedIn secrets that you should know as a business owner.

So, what are some LinkedIn secrets that you can use to improve your LinkedIn presence and grow your business?

Here Are 8 Secrets About LinkedIn That You Should Know

1. It’s all in the visuals

Humans are visual creatures. It’s no lie when marketers say that video marketing is the way of the future!

When you publish on LinkedIn, make sure that you post content with visuals. The content can include videos, screenshots of videos, images, slides, or anything in between. 

Posts with images and videos get up to 94% more views. That’s a huge number!  Take advantage of these stats and use your visual content by posting engaging images and other visuals regularly.

2. You can communicate with people who are not first-degree connections

Most people think you need to have a premium account to communicate with others who are not your first-degree connections.


You can communicate with people without first-degree connections if they send you an invitation. All you have to do is click on all of your invitations to connect and look for the ‘message’ button.’ Even if you don’t accept their invitation to connect, you still have the option to message them.

3. Hashtag it up

Don’t be afraid to use hashtags on LinkedIn! Not only will it help people discover your content, but it will also help grow your engagement.

When people search for hashtags used on a post, they will find your content. When people see your content, it increases your visibility and engagement.

Find recommended hashtags by clicking on ‘discover more’ under ‘followed hashtags’ on the bottom left corner of your LinkedIn home page.

Remember the sweet spot for the number of Hashtags is between 3 and 5 for each post. LinkedIn has reported that using less than 3 hashtags reduces reach by 40% but using more than 5 reduces reach by 20%. 

4. Avoid automation mistakes – keep it personal!

Invitations to connect don’t have to be robotic. Keep it personal! If you take a more humanized approach towards creating connections, you can leave a lasting impression with a potential new customer or business connection.

Remember: lasting impressions go a long way in improving your brand image and generating leads. 

A potential customer would much rather do business with a company that personally connects with them instead of a company that sends out automated, robotic and generic connection requests.


Generic automation not only damages your visibility and reputation but can reduce engagement too. 

Avoid messaging potential connections sounding like you’re giving them a pitch – this is a great way to leave a bad first impression. And bad first impressions are NEVER good for your business.

5. Never reject an invitation

Remember: LinkedIn’s whole purpose is to connect networks of professionals. 

When you reject a connection invitation, you reject the possibility of connecting with potential customers or professionals that can help you grow your business.

Whether this connection becomes interested in learning about your business or they refer someone to your business, you never know how they can play a role in your business growth! 

So take advantage of any connection request – you never know how they might be able to help your business grow.

6. Consistency is key

Make sure that you are consistently active on LinkedIn. Send those connection requests, post that regular content, participate in discussions on LinkedIn groups and make your business visible to others.

The more active you are, the better the chances are that people will see your profile and visit your website.

7. Share content written by others

When you share content written by other people that are helpful and valuable to your followers and connections, it sets you up as a reliable source for information. Consumers value this.

Whether the content is new industry updates, trends, or anything in between, posting more content can help increase your visibility and improve your reputation.

Don’t just post the content, though. Add your thoughts. Ask questions and create a conversation on everything you post so that you can increase engagement and visibility. 

Engaging with people and encouraging healthy debates will set you apart from other professionals who repost content without giving their input. Yawn!

8. Avoid being too salesy

While making sales and generating leads should always be your main focus, avoid being too salesy when you post or message others. Blatant sales pitches look forced and disingenuous, which immediately raises red flags for potential customers and other professionals.

Post about your product, but avoid pushing it too much. Avoid making all your posts look like advertisements. 
Use your posts to start conversations, help people, make new contacts and build relationships.

HyperSocial Can Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Lead Generation Machine

We hope these LinkedIn secrets will help you improve your LinkedIn presence so that you can create the network you need to grow your business.

At HyperSocial, our goal is to change how you do your B2B marketing and sales. We can help you build a LinkedIn profile that connects you with clients and enables you to grow your business. We can optimize your LinkedIn profile to help you reach your ideal prospects and connect with hundreds of leads each month with our LinkedIn messaging service.

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