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Brittanny and Julie at The Speaker Exchange had been writing a newsletter and also posting articles to their blog. Collecting original content, writing the finished newsletters, and publishing blog articles was a challenge. They're goal was to create consistent inbound traffic using targeted original blog posts.


After analyzing their site traffic and learning more about their target market, we came up with a plan to use well-researched articles to establish The Speaker Exchange as an authority in the meeting planner industry. We could accomplish this by outsourcing content creation, in this case they chose our services, BlogWorks, and dedicate all focus on their blog.

More specifically, the BlogWorks would write one original post and update one older post every month. Each post would be written specifically for their targeted audience, SEO-optimized, and then promoted through social media.


In the first 60 days, site traffic was up over 13%, Sessions and Pageviews were both up about 15% and average time on site was up over 8%.

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Building a successful Content Marketing strategy can be challenging for any entrepreneur. You need to create original content, have it edited and prepared for publishing. You need to promote your content and strategize on how to convert the leads you attract to sales. Our team at BlogWorks works with you to build a strategy that can consistently attract more leads while you are busy running your company.