Building traffic through a combined approach of content creation and refreshing old content

Linda Edgecombe

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Develop a more consistent approach for Linda's Content Marketing strategy.


Linda Edgecombe is at the top of her profession. She is a Hall of Fame, professional public speaker, trainer and author. As an author and blogger, Linda understands the power of showcasing your best solutions to attract more clients.

The BlogWorks solution was a combination of refreshing old blog posts, editing new posts and promoting all posts on social media. The combined approach of content creation and promotion is a unique BlogWorks strategy.


The result has been steady growth in overall traffic (35% within the first three months) and over 2,000% increase in social media traffic to site. Meanwhile traffic to refreshed articles has increased as much as 800%.


Building a successful Content Marketing strategy can be challenging for any entrepreneur. You need to create original content, have it edited and prepared for publishing. You need to promote your content and strategize on how to convert the leads you attract to sales. Our team at BlogWorks works with you to build a strategy that can consistently attract more leads while you are busy running your company.