Converting hyper-targeted users within a niche market

James Cronk

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James Cronk, a golf industry leadership expert, wanted to use his blog to target General Managers and other leaders from golf courses, including internationally.


James supplied our team with some initial blog posts to be updated using our blog refresh approach. We would publish twice monthly to build traffic using our SEO keyword research, combined with the client emailing his list, and promoting posts on social media. As a niche market website our approach was to attract hyper-targeted readers and to convert traffic to a simple enquiry page.


We were able to reduce exit rates from 80% to as low as 55% while also driving conversions on the enquiry page.

My last blog post resulted in 3 calls!: one turned into a speaking engagement, one a coaching contract and one was a peer coaching session.

James Cronk

Leader, Speaker and Consultant

Building a successful Content Marketing strategy can be challenging for any entrepreneur. You need to create original content, have it edited and prepared for publishing. You need to promote your content and strategize on how to convert the leads you attract to sales. Our team at BlogWorks works with you to build a strategy that can consistently attract more leads while you are busy running your company.