Do you know how to respond on LinkedIn to generate leads, build professional relationships, and spread the word about your business?

You have an excellent outbound approach to LinkedIn messaging and are getting a ton of responses filling up your LinkedIn Inbox. Now what? As someone who spends the entirety of their workday on LinkedIn, I’ve accumulated some helpful response methods along the way & done all the hard work, so you don’t have to! Here are some highly recommended best practices for how to respond on LinkedIn.

6 Tips On How to Respond on LinkedIn

1. Keep it concise

A longer message doesn’t necessarily mean more information if your delivery is off. You can be brief and informative without losing your prospect’s attention along the way.

2. Always end the conversation with a call to action

If you leave the discussion as a statement, they’ll be less likely to respond. When you end with a question such as, “Would love to share more with you—open to a conversation,” the person will be much more receptive to speaking with you.

3. Make sure your grammar is correct

Your business could come off as unprofessional unreliable. If you’re unsure about something, spell check is your friend!

4. Try to catch people when they’re active

Catching people when they’re active can be tricky to do when you’re trying to balance work & responding on LinkedIn, but it’s where I’ve seen a lot of success. LinkedIn differs from other social media like Facebook or Instagram because most of us aren’t mindlessly scrolling on LinkedIn all day. We respond to a message then get back to work. However, when you reply shortly after receiving a response, you’re probably catching them at a good time and are more likely to get a second, third, and so on response. I’ve noticed that I receive a higher response rate during the standard weekday office hours of 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. However when my target audience is most active might differ from someone else. Test the waters, see when you’re driving the most responses, and stick to it! 

5. Check your inbox frequently

I suggest checking your inbox several times a day. It’s easier to carry on conversations and respond when your inbox is up to date. If your inbox is cluttered, you could miss out on some crucial conversations.

6. Have a tagging system

Make sure you have a strategy for responses when they say “follow-up with me in a month,” etc., and that you get back to them. If you are messaging people in your LinkedIn network manually, make sure to use a reminder system to get back to those people when they ask.

If you are using a LinkedIn tool, use one with light CRM features that allow you to organize and respond to people within the tool itself. Using tools with CRM features will help better organize your messages and refer back to them later. Some of the ones I use most often are “lead,” “no,” and “follow up.”

4 LinkedIn Response Strategies to Avoid

1. Don’t come off as too aggressive! 

Aggressiveness is something I see often. Remember, there’s an actual human on the other side of the screen. People don’t like to be sold to. Connect with someone, start an organic conversation such as “glad we connected,” and let the discussion flow naturally.If someone isn’t interested in networking with you, don’t try to sell them even further or become aggressive and ask why. A simple response such as, “thanks for letting me know. If I can be a resource to you in any way, feel free to reach out any time. Glad to be connected here” can go a long way. You’re not burning any bridges and still have them in your network for the future. 

2. Don’t be a robot

Be professional, of course, but not overly proper. Make sure your messaging is conversation-like, and the text reads as how you would speak in real life.

When you drop your calendar link, you’re putting all the power in their hands. Remember: people are busy. They forget. Instead of dropping your calendar link and hoping they take it into their hands to schedule, ask them for a date and time that works for them, get their email, and then schedule them into your calendar.

4. Make sure you’re tagging your messages in the software

Tagging your messages will help better organize your messages and refer back to them later. Some of the ones I use most often are “lead,” “no,” and “follow up.”

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