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Why I started BlogWorks and the future of the world

The GetSOS team

In this blog, we’ve written lots about blogging (ironic). Everything from topics to headlines to analytics – even hiring writers. And we have a long list of future topics we want to share with you. But, there’s one topic that’s been missing…until now. We haven’t shared the story behind BlogWorks. Well, it all started with…

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21 Traffic Building Tips from Professional Bloggers

21 Traffic building Tips

If you have a blog you know how important traffic is. More traffic means more people buying your products, joining your list and more sales for your business. The challenge is to know what works. Search online and you’ll find lots of advice – some works, some doesn’t. It’s confusing and can waste a lot…

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It’s time to put your blog to work

Is your blog working? For 4 years I’ve been coaching bloggers and I have terrible news… most blogs don’t work. No traffic, no leads, no measurable results and certainly no sales. How’s yours doing? Don’t you want your blog to build your list, attract business and, build loyal fans? Maybe it’s time to make that…

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17 proven strategies for building a better blog

blog traffic

In this post we are sharing one of our most popular slide decks published on SlideShare. It’s advice from the gurus that is not only really smart, it’s actionable. PRO TIP: Once you scan through these, go back and choose just one to work on this month. For example, you might want to put more…

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How to promote your blog and get more traffic

more blog traffic

Behind the scenes at BlogWorks (and a surprise) I have a confession to make. We’ve been quiet about BlogWorks. Too quiet. You see, two years ago I had this idea I could take what I’d learned about blog promotion and getting more blog traffic and give it to other bloggers. That was the birth of…

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Make your blog sticky with embedded media

Embedded media can make your blog sticky

I’m sure you’ve done this. The blog headline grabbed you – you clicked through. And then – despite your best high-school effort – you clicked away after only 3 paragraphs. Bummer, that blogger just lost you. That’s where embedded media can help. Sure, it’s eye candy and it’s not really the bright, insightful content we…

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