White Label Service for Agencies

The BlogWorks team and client delivery system offers a turnkey revenue opportunity for agencies with established clients.

Our partners receive consistent, white-label content delivery from a local team of professional writers, allowing for a generous profit margin.

To learn more about these opportunities or to see examples, please contact Hugh Culver

As well as working directly with end clients, BlogWorks also partners with select agencies to offer a range of “white label” content marketing packages.

This works great for agencies who recognize the value of adding content creation and promotion to the services they offer their clients, but don’t have (or don’t want to build) this capability in-house.

Essentially, we handle the content and leave you to manage the client relationship. In most cases, your clients don’t even realize there’s a third-party involved. And the best bit is you get to mark up our costs to earn additional revenue with minimal overheads.

To learn more about opportunities to partner with BlogWorks to create consistently high-quality content for your clients, please contact Hugh Culver

Why promote blog content?

A consistent calendar of targeted blog articles from BlogWorks provides your agency with a new source of low-maintenance, high-margin revenue requiring minimal staff time.

Unlike social updates, or sales copy, blog articles solve prospects’ problems while building trust and rapport. Organic traffic attracted daily to blog articles provides your clients with new prospects at a low conversion cost.

Benefits of blog articles include:

  • grow organic site traffic (blogs typically attract 70-80% of all site traffic),
  • evergreen investment: pay once and enjoy ongoing traffic that typically increases over time,
  • increased time-on-site,
  • increased traffic to CTA’s on site,
  • animate otherwise static websites,
  • promote client’s services related to trending topics (like online learning, Covid-19, and working from home),
  • populate stalled, out of date blogs,
  • daily social updates from blog articles,
  • attract leads to mailing lists.

What we are great at!

Since 2013 we have been perfecting the art of blog writing for traffic. Our team of talented, local writers combines SEO strategy with captivating content to deliver on-time blog articles that deliver results.

We have 3 primary services:

  1. Updated Blog Articles
  2. New Blog Articles
  3. Lead Magnets and Email Sequence

Updated Blog Articles

Updating and republishing blog articles is a smart strategy if your client has a large inventory of older, published articles.

Compared to publishing new content, updating selected blog articles for republishing will often return faster results in SERP rankings, time-on-site, navigation to revenue pages, and overall traffic.

We use analytics and SEO ranking to identify published articles with high-potential for increased ROI. Each article is updated using our 15-point upgrade process, including:

  • Long-tail keywords and phrases,
  • Internal linking, using suggested sentences,
  • Headlines and subheadings, using our AHA! Headline tester,
  • Writing content to increase time-on-site,
  • Improved opening to hook readers,
  • Removing excessive external links,
  • Suggested articles.

New Blog Articles

A consistent calendar of published blog content can be the core driver of a content marketing program.

We research, write, edit, and deliver blog articles designed to attract organic traffic and promote CTA’s.

Industries we currently write for include:

Lead Magnets and Email Sequence

Lead magnets do more than grow email lists. A BlogWorks lead magnet and welcome email sequence can be an integral part of your client’s sales process.

Ways to employ a lead magnet include:

  • Growing email list (pop-up, slider, permanent invite)
  • Online prospect inquiry form
  • Follow up to sales call
  • Reward for survey completion
  • Part of a presentation package
  • CTA on podcast interviews

How does white label delivery work?

Our goal is a seamless, no-hassle, service that requires minimal effort on your team.

Topics are mapped out a month in advance, content is delivered in Google docs, or published directly on the client’s site. Our onboarding process is designed to reduce the need for costly communications and revisions.

Why work with BlogWorks?

Anyone can outsource writing offshore or to a freelancer found on Upwork. The hidden cost is recruitment, communication, reviewing (and repairing) work, negotiating fees, chasing deadlines, and replacing talent who are suddenly unavailable.

When you partner with BlogWorks that won’t happen.

Our goal is to provide a new source of consistent, low maintenance revenue that serves your client’s goals.

Examples of pricing

The following are examples of rates based on suggested packages. The ratio of updated to new blog posts can be changed based on your needs. Package deliverables can be changed at your request and changes will be reflected in our quoted fees.

Blog delivery includes:

  • topic mapping – monthly review of SEO keywords, site traffic, and topics,
  • writing (600-800 words) – assigned BlogWorks professional writer,
  • copy editing,
  • featured image,
  • email script.
2 Updated Blog Posts/Month 2 New Blog Posts/Month 4 New Blog Posts/Month Lead Magnet and Email Sequence
Your Cost $420 $630 $1,050 $950
Suggested Retail $600 $900 $1,500 $1,200
Margin 30% 30% 30% 20%

To learn more about these opportunities or to see examples, please contact Hugh Culver