Meet Your Team

Since 2013 we’ve been helping small businesses grow and promote their blog the old fashioned way - with a dedicated team of local professionals.

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We don’t automate our services with mindless software.

We won't use cheap overseas labour.

And we certainly won’t treat you like a number.

BlogWorks is like a magic pill for procrastination and takes care of everything I never seem to get around doing.

alvin law

Alvin Law


Your BlogWorks writer has been carefully selected for their copywriting skills and trained to get you the best results. It’s also why we double-check every blog, Tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn update.

And we don’t stop there...

We know you’re too busy to learn about analytics, SEO and social media best practices - so we do it for you. While you are hard at work building your business we are working behind the scenes to get you better results converting qualified traffic to sales.

Let’s work together to put your blog to work!
Hugh Culver

It all started with one blog…

BlogWorks was created to help speaker Hugh Culver get more traffic to his blog. Starting with consistent social media postings the results started to come in. At the same time, Hugh was experimenting with blog structure, length and including more SEO strategies.

Hugh’s blog traffic climbed from 150 to 1,000 readers per day, and continues to climb. This was without black hat tricks or paid advertising. Better still, his speaking business grew with enquiries coming directly from his blog posts.

The BlogWorks model of consistently publishing quality content and promoting it on social media was working!

At the same time, Hugh was building a team of local writers to create the social media updates and write blogs for other clients. Their success grew as well.

The team at BlogWorks now writes and promotes blogs for consultants, coaches, legal firms, professional speakers, marketing agencies (white label), IT consulting firms, manufacturing and maybe you as well?