Although some might think that the blog is on it’s way out, the truth is that even in 2020 blogging can be one of the most valuable components of your marketing strategy — when you do it right.  After all, how else can you showcase your best ideas, solutions, strategies, and insights and create a captive online audience?  Here are 11 blogging statistics that might surprise you – maybe even enough to get that next blog post published!

1. More than 75% of regular internet users read blogs regularly. (HubSpot

It may seem like there is a lot of content out there, but apparently, a lot of people are reading blogs too.  Creating quality content that is on-brand and useful is the key to getting your blog working for you! 

2. Blogs can help keep people on your website for longer. 

Your blog articles can stop future clients from clicking away and lead them from your article to your about page, products or courses… anywhere you want them to go next in your sales funnel. 

People spend more time on your blog than they do anywhere else on your site.

3. Blog content with quality backlinks can improve traffic and generate up to 97% more inbound links to a business’ site. (HubSpot)  

Your ideas are great, but publishing and optimizing posts take some knowledge of SEO.    The good news is that it’s easier than ever to outsource this work to the experts!  

4. Prioritizing your blogging strategy has the potential to bring in up to 13x the ROI!  (HubSpot)  

Top marketers and businesses are investing even more into their blogs as a major component of their content marketing strategies – and it’s worth it. Read up on more remarkable blogging statistics. 

5. The most popular blog content format is how-to articles. (Statistica

If you’re trying to think of new blog topics, it’s a good idea to come back to the basics: What do your customers want to know more about? How can you demonstrate your expertise while sharing useful information?  Learn about how to start a blog post

6. Repurposing your blog posts could bring in up to 106% more views through organic searches. (HubSpot)  

If you have a lot of older content, it’s possible to simply re-use it in different ways, including rewriting blog posts! This is an easy way to recycle and reuse what you already have instead of creating new work.

7. Over half of the industries say that their most important marketing tool for inbound marketing is blogging. (HubSpot)  

Did you know that you can use blogs in all parts of the sales funnel? They’re great for building brand awareness, but you can also use them in more specific ways — for instance, as lead magnets and to promote special offerings.  Read more about crafting blogs for lead generation

8. 43% of marketers who market to other businesses claim that blogging is the most effective type of content. (Social Marketing Industry Report, 2017)  

This is one of the blogging statistics that really points to the power of blogs to use in the B2B space. But it’s also extremely versatile for the consumer space.  

9. Over 20% of social media posts include a blog link. (Quora Creative, 2019) 

Blogging and social media go hand-in-hand! Try experimenting with social posts and blogs, mixing up titles, images and using quotes from various blogs to create social posts. 

10. Well-researched content brings the most traffic through sharing and links. (HubSpot)

Quality is key, here, and this is the case more than it was a few years ago. The reason why is that Google punishes websites that look like they are resorting to sneaky tactics to beat the algorithm. 

11. Blogs are positively correlated with improved lead generation. (HubSpot)

In our new world of social media and instant gratification, your blog could be your best marketing strategy.  Are you ready to get your blog working for you? Call or email us for a free consultation!  Enjoyed this article? Here are 3 more articles all about putting your blog to work: 10 surprisingly simple tune-ups to make your blog sexy 5 brilliant ways to start your blog post with a bang 9 blog topic ideas your audience will love